Meet the Characters

Strawberry Rhubarb

Excitable and only the cutest of horrors, Strawberry Rhubarb loves soft blankets and plush things to cuddle with. While he collects many things his greatest treasure is his friends-
Favorite food: Strawberry tarts with clotted cream~!

Earl Grey

A discerning gentle-bunny, with a bitter profile that is helped tremendously by the amount of sugar he prefers! He often keeps to himself--
Favorite food: Sweet pastry and runny eggs, with a cup of tea

Honey Honey Bear

Honey-Honey Bear is loyal and dependable, and loves to take care of her group! She can sometimes go overboard and be a bit bossy too. She's often busy but makes time for her friends--

Favorite food: Whipped honey, scones, and wild berries.

Jello Cup

Jello is a rising star! A new singer songwriter, with high fashion and high class tastes. While some might find her classy demeanor hard to swallow, it's easy to see that she goes down smooth with her fans-!

Favorite food: Sweet ginger tea, the stronger the better!

Pudding Cup

Pudding Cup would rather have an easy life in the lap of luxury, like he's accustomed to. Recent times however call for lots of going place and doing things that he's not really fond of. Still, easy going is as easy does and he's truly effortless.

Favorite food: Egg salad sandwiches, made with milk bread and no crust.

Cream Cobra

Cream Cobra may love warm climates, but only because they make ice cream sweeter~! The founder of Sweet Cream ice cream, this snake is always on the go to try out new flavors and sight see (even though he's near sighted)!

Favorite food: Ice cream sundae, hold the peanuts, extra cherries!

The moon isn't just glow

Kuu and Miller are a pair of Moon Rabbits from the comic (in progress) called UnFamiliar.

Kuu is sweet and loves chocolate. Luckily for their human, Kuu is magic and doesn't get sick eating this stuff! Unfortunately, with Kuu's powers, that's where his luck ends...

Miller prefers a nap in the sun to any sweet treat and stays out from underfoot when work is happening. Business has picked up since this lucky white rabbit has come around!