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Sakura Picnic Sticky Notes [Discounted]

Sakura Picnic Sticky Notes [Discounted]

Would you care to have a picnic with Strawberry Rhubarb and Honey Honey Bear? The trees are in full bloom already!

Maybe you could bring gift box to share? Wagashi seems like it would be a great choice for sharing.

No? Then maybe some nice green tea and mochi just for yourself, that sounds quite nice to me!



-Sticky memo pads are 8.5 cm squares

- Full bleed design (3 options)


*These memo pads have been discounted due to having a very weak sticking ability. After testing them out they do like peeling off of whatever they are attached to. While you can tape them down and the print quality is really nice, I just don't feel like they should be full price.

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