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The Auntie M's Potion Shaker Charm

The Auntie M's Potion Shaker Charm

Once Upon a Time, in a town a few towns over, there were two witches Marta, and Melba, who lived in a cottage on the edge of town with their cat Morton. While they got along well with their neighbor, and looked after the neighborhood kids, who called them the Auntie M's they often longed for a child of their own.... So they turned to what they knew. Magic~

This shaker was made as a merch item for the zine 'Once Upon a Rainbow' a queer fairytale themed charity zine. These are the remaining of that merch run and once they sell out they will not be restocked!


- 2.5" tall

- Double Sided printing and 5 mini shaker pieces, with a gold star clasp

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